Production Efficiency

Production Efficiency
Production Efficiency
Production Efficiency
Production Efficiency

Production Efficiency

The Issue

Times change.

Facilities are being operated by a work force that knows cannabis and hemp at small scale but not a production scale. The current production, manufacturing equipment, and technology from field to laboratory is inadequate to keep up with demand, inefficient for large manufacturing and not suited for the growing market needs. These factors ultimately lead to inefficient and poorly run facilities.

The inefficiency occurs in the way of poor workflow, poor optimization, production line choke points and lack automation.

The industry needs production efficiency.

Production efficiency is the key to any manufacturing process. Workflow, optimization, and automation are the paths to running an efficient manufacturing facility. These are lost on most operators who struggle through the many barriers to gain access to the legal side of the cannabis and hemp industry to start manufacturing.

Obstacles like licensing, contracts, biomass procurement etc…bog down the facility operators to the point where they are simply happy to be operational.

Just operational will not be enough to stay in business as the industry grows.

From field, to lab, to retail destinations production efficiency will be key.

The winner of this game is going to be the manufacturer who can produce the highest quality products in the most efficient way, minimizing manufacturing costs with competitive advantage to keep profit margins high.

The cannabis and hemp industry needs production efficiency.

The cannabis and hemp industry needs production efficiency experts.

We are those experts.

The Solution

ArchRevival has over 30 years of experience in architecture, development, design, and facility planning. Our belief is simple yet effective, A strong plan with an efficient flow is critical to the success of any project.

We have a passion for efficiency and plans that flow naturally through a program or process. All our projects are started by defining a program and evaluating the client’s needs and goals to make their business successful.

To bring our expertise and passion to the Cannabis and Hemp industry, we have partnered with an engineering company with 30+ years of experience in optimization, workflow, simulations, and automation.

We offer your business a one stop solution for all your production efficiency needs.

Let our team of experts work with your team to create the most efficient workflows that will show measurable cost savings over time by increasing your production efficiency. 

ArchRevival Offerings to achieve production efficiency.

  • Master Planning (30,000-foot view)
    • Efficiency starts with proper planning.
    • Start here to avoid costly additions in the future.
  • Facility Design (10,000-foot view)
    • Proper space planning and well thought through department adjacencies lead to a facility that can achieve the highest production efficiency.
  • Optimization and Workflow (5,000-foot view)
    • Whether you are currently operating, rethinking your current production line, or planning a new facility, we can develop your workflows offer to optimize your equipment and process for production efficiency.
  • Simulation (microscopic view)
    • If you are looking to add new equipment to your production line or are in the process of developing a new production line with equipment manufacturers we can take all of your chosen equipment manufacturers throughput and test them through our simulation program to truth up the concept and locate any bottle necks or throughput issues. After identifying any potential issues, we can then offer solutions to make your workflow meet your production goals and increase your production efficiency.
  • Automation
    • Automation is the key to future success in the cannabis and hemp industry. We can automate any aspect of your production line from harvest, primary extraction, post extraction through to final product packaging.
  • MITS/MES System
    • MITS Manufacturing software Manufacturing Integration Technology
      • MITS is our version of (MES) Manufacturing Engineering Technology
      • Software for process interaction
      • This is the software that will be used for automations
      • Lego style
        • Scalable and adaptable
      • Hardware required
        • Scanners
        • Terminals
          • These have videos and tutorials to guide users 
  • Track and document the transformation of raw products to finished goods. A window in your complete production operation.
    • Production Monitoring
      • Visibility of your production facility at your fingertips. Real-time equipment status and throughout feedback.
    • Order Management
      • From your ERP, Flat File, or a Scan and Load, we manage your order throughout the entire process.
    • Lean Manufacturing
      • We integrate and manage Lean Manufacturing tools to increase efficiency within your production operations.
    • Tracking and Genealogy
      • From raw goods to finished products, we track all data from everything that goes into your products to keep you compliant.
    • Maintenance
      • Support maintenance operations to reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency.
        • Maintenance Modules 
  • Warehousing Optimization
    • Our team will design integrated logistics operations to ensure that your company’s distribution/warehouse operations are world-class. From climate-controlled environments to raw materials storage needs, optimizing warehouse operations including racking, slotting, pick and pack, workflow, and warehouse management systems- the 21- Team can support. 
  • Utility Systems Design and Optimization
    • We are exceptional at designing and integrating critical building systems that bridge the gap between the building and the equipment in it.
    • We can analyze, design, and right size any piping, HVAC, electrical, or whatever system for new or existing buildings and equipment.